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"We, Hargreave Hale, are a financial intermediary authorised under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive to make offers of securities such as the Independent Personal Finance PLC (the "Notes") described in the Final Terms published by Independent Personal Finance PLC (the "Issuer"). We refer to the offer of the Notes in the United Kingdom during the Offer Period specified in the Final Terms (the "Public Offer"). In consideration for the Issuer offering to grant its consent to our use of the Prospectus (as defined in the Final Terms) in connection with the Public Offer on the terms and conditions to such consent (the "Authorised Offeror Terms"), we hereby accept such offer. Accordingly, we are using the Prospectus in connection with the Public Offer in accordance with the consent of the Issuer on the Authorised Offeror Terms and subject to the conditions of such consent."

Terms and Conditions